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Ultraviolet Pool Salt is an all-natural, high purity salt specifically formulated for swimming pools and spas utilizing saltwater chlorination.  Harvested from the Great Salt Lake through an environmentally friendly solar and wind evaporation process, these ultra fine crystals are 99.8% soluble, dissolve quickly without leaving a residue.  Keep your pool and spa sparkling clean and enjoy a more comfortable swimming experience.  Ultraviolet Pool Salt is gentler for hair, skin, eyes and even swimwear.  100% Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to NSF/ANSI 60, Ultraviolet Pool Salt is recommended and safe for use in conjunction with saltwater chlorinators.

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All-natural, high purity, free of additives

Dissolves quickly

Gentle on hair, eyes, skin and swimwear

Harvested naturally with the sun and wind

For use with saltwater chlorinators

40 lb
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All-natural, high purity, free of additives
Gentler on hair, eyes, skin and swimwear
Dissolves quickly
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