Salt (NaCl) is a natural mineral made up of white cube-shaped crystals composed of two elements, sodium and chlorine.


Salting icy roads and walkways lowers the freezing point of the water that forms ice which leads to melting and prevents falling snow or rain from being able to freeze. But How?

Why Salt?

Here is the basic chemistry:

Sodium chloride (NaCl), more commonly referred to as salt, is a naturally occurring mineral composed of two elements, sodium (Na+)  and chlorine (Clˉ).  When dissolved in water, these two ions diffuse throughout the liquid and prevent ice from forming.  It does this by inhibiting the water molecules from aligning to create the solid form.  

The two most commonly used salts for de-icing products are Calcium Chloride & Magnesium Chloride. Both of these chlorides are hygroscopic; pulling moisture from the air, activating a melt even in subzero temperatures as low as  -25F. 

ULTRAVIOLET utilizes “Solar Salt”, sodium chloride harvested from crystallized brine of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It contains natural occurring amounts of potassium, magnesium and calcium chlorides making it ideal for the de-icing and anti-icing industry. Without any other additives, it meets ice control requirements of local and state public authorities and is PNS approved. This is NOT your ordinary stripped-down water softener salt or dusty mined salt!

Why is our salt the best?

Additional Ice Melt Players: Calcium Chloride & Magnesium Chloride

The two most common minerals added to sodium chloride to enhance melting power and de-icing capability are calcium chloride & magnesium chloride. Both of these salts are hygroscopic; pulling moisture from the air, activating a melt even in subzero temperatures as low as  -25F.  Calcium chloride prills or magnesium chloride flake can be added in a variety of percentages by weight to create ice melt blends achieving specific melt down temperatures for varying climates throughout the continent.  Ice melting is chemistry. It is a science. An effective ice melt compound must contain the appropriate elements for your particular environment.

4 Reasons To Use Ultraviolet Ice Melt Products


When maintenance professionals apply product onto roads, parking lots & sidewalks prior to a snowstorm to prevent snow from sticking and ice from forming and adhering to surface.

Instant Traction

Ice Melters provide better traction for vehicles and foot traffic when applied to roads or concrete.

Lower Freezing Point
More Economical

Salts, when dissolved, create a brine which lowers the freezing point of water making ice less likely to form and bond to surface.

ULTRAVIOLET believes we have a responsibility to the regeneration of nature.  As a renewable resource, The Great Salt Lake, the largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere, provides an endless supply of sodium and magnesium chloride. The run off from the surrounding mountains continue to bring minerals (over 1.1 million tons) into this lake every year.  With increased efficiencies in the harvesting, blending and bagging processes, chloride-based ice melt products continue to be the most economical option on the market. 


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